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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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after 7:00 this morning outside a condo complex in the 1300 block of palmer road in fort washington. maureen: maryland bureau chief brad bell is life tonight with more on this story. brad? brad: maureen, tonight police have not announced a suspect or a person of interest in the case but a number of sources are telling me they do have very strong leads and are getting closer to solving this crime that has absolutely outraged the community. it's just about 7:00 a.m. when police raced t there community on palmer road. shots fired. victims down. they find neshante davis next to her car. then, officers open davis' car door and find 2-year-old chloe davis-green in her car seat. here are the pictures from the facebook page. both mother and daughter are shot multiple times.
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both are killed. >> it's awful. what could make a person feel that bad or that low to take somebody out of this world so young? they both had a future. the mother and the baby. why would someone do that? brad: police will only say there are strong leads. we learn from court records davis won a paternity claim against chloe's father and a judge ordering the man in december to pay $600 per month in child support. >> this is a profoundly sad day. my prayers go out to the family. brad: police chief and the state attorney angela alsobrooks reacting angrily to the crime and the fact in recent years a dozen very young children have been murdered in prince george's county. >> this is absolutely unacceptable. any civilized community that a child should be killed in this way. brad: that is what we heard
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again and again today. people not understanding how anyone could point a gun at a mother and child and pull the trigger. in fort washington, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: we turn to a developing story coming out of blacksburg where police have announced new charges against the two virginia tech students charged in a teenager's death. 18-year-old eisenhauer of columbia and 19-year-old keepers of laurel remain held without bond in the death of nicole lovell. new charge filed against keepers. she is charged with accessory before and after the fact. two separate charges. eisenhauer charged with first-degree murder. it's believed that eisenhauer met his alleged victim through social media. no further information released on a possible motive. we are hearing from the victim's mother. tammy talked about lovell and how she survived a liver transplant, non-hodgkin's lymphoma and six-month longer coma before becoming a teen. >> she had a passion for pandas, music, dancing,
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dreamed of being on "american idol" some day. her favorite color was blue. nicole was very loveable person. nicole touched many people throughout her short life. leon: the alleged killers will be in quart for march 28 hearing. lovell's funeral is set for thursday. change gears here and turn to the weather. nice outside today. but we have rain on the way. maureen: that is right. it could cause flooding in our area. chief meteorologist doug hill tracking the timing. doug: mild temperatures. let's get to it. show you the current numbers.
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in the metro area look at the wake-up temperatures. the winds increase from the south throughout the day. the smaller of red are the tornado warnings. active tornadoes on the ground. one is in the western section of alabama right now. it will lose the punch and support tomorrow. we will get storms but i don't see a chance of severe weather across the region. we will give you the timing. scattered showers before sunrise and the morning commute. as we get through midday the clouds will lower and thicken. rain gets heavy at time through the afternoon and the
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everything hours before pulling east of the area. sometimes after sunset tomorrow evening. >> if the rains come in fast then it will melt. in a lot of the areas you have storm drains close to street. a lot are blocked. if the rain comes in heavy. the snow is blocked in the drain. the water has nowhere to go but in the street. in alexandria drain storms after big snow is common. heavy rains follow the snow a backed up drain can be
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trouble. >> we don't have the staff to clear every inlet. there are some inlets that aring clod. the residents are taking notice. >> it looked that there was an effort by the city to make sure those cleared out a little bit. >> it depends where you look. at the corner of north carolina, the storm drains are clear. if you come to the southeast corner of the street. this one is covered in snow. she is hoping this doesn't soon turn to rivers. >> there are some by my street
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that are giant. i think the areas with the bigger piles of snow could be an issue. >> because of the rapid rate of the snow melt last week they are not terribly concern with the snow melting in front of the drain. the biggest concern with flooding potentially is the potential river flooding as a result of the snow melt upstream. live in old town alexandria. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: ahead at 6:00 -- the first votes are cast in the race for president. winners in iowa and the two candidates who dropped out. leon: and did he or didn't he see his shadow? the prediction from punxsutawney phil coming up at 6:00. >> gun control advocates hold a protest across the street from a district heights gun shoppe. i'm mike carter-conneen. coming up, the message for the
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the best pric,s quality and selection. you can save 30% or more. wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too. maureen: bill cosby was back in a philadelphia courtroom. his attorney wants the judge to dismiss a criminal charge based on agreement cosby said he made a decade ago with the former district attorney. it promised cosby he would never be prosecuted on his deposition testimony. the judge has not made a ruling in this case.
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the f.b.i. is joining a federal criminal investigation into the lead contamination of flint, michigan's drinking water. leon: f.b.i. spokeswoman says that the agency is determining if any federal laws were broken. flint was under the control of the state appointed emergency manager when it switched the of the tap water from the detroit system to flint river. they found high level of lead in blood samples from children in flint. just ahead here at 6:00, calculating the cost of blizzard 2016. how it broke the storm budget for one state. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. it's super bowl week. for peyton manning, it's a great time to catch one his family. plus, the caps are back in action after the all-star break.
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if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? leon: well, the presidential candidates hit the ground running in new hampshire. while the republicans had a clear winner last night. democrats were stuck in a virtual tie. hillary clinton barely beat out bernie sanders after hours of counting. ted cruz won by the republicans followed by trump and rubio in a close third.
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at least two candidates won't be making the trip from there to new hampshire. democrat martin o'malley calling it quits as is mike huckabee. staying in the politics now, maryland congressman elijah cummings says he will not race to replace barbara mikulski. instead he will seek re-election to the seat in congress. the popular democrats represents the seventh district which includes part of baltimore and howard county. cummings received a lot of support and the encouragement to run for senator mikulski seat after she announced the retirement. but cummings said in a statement he believes he can best serve the people of maryland by continuing the work in the house. maureen: guilty plea from the former director of switchboard operations at the white house. they say andrea turk approved overtime pay for a coworker who didn't work the hours and split the overtime money. she will be sentenced in april. today, protesters in maryland
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called on the gun manufacturers and distributors to take action to prevent gun violence. part of what they call a national day of action. mike carter-conneen explains why they health a protest outside gun shop. mike: protesters gathered across the street citing 18 years of police records showing 86 guns sold by the district heights gun shoppe linked to homicide cases. hundreds more used in other violent crimes. >> i have grown weary of burying too many young people. mike: protesters say gunshots can and do more. >> basic thing like have security cameras, keep track of inventory. >> the staff inside the shop declined to comment for the story. protests organizers went inside and they had a cordial conversation with the shop employee. >> he seems like a good guy. they are doing their part. who is not doing their part in the process?
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guns are still ending up on the street. >> located near a gunshot. protest mostly on manufacturers. >> we are calling on ceo's of the world, seven major gun manufacturers to explore newer, safer, smarter gun technology. >> it would use fingerprints or safety fingers to be only fired by the authorized user. on the website, the national rifle association says it does not oppose development of the smart guns or the ability for americans to voluntary require them. n.r.a. opposes any law that prohibits americans to process firearm that don't possess technology. protessers are urging the -- protesters are aurming them to follow president obama's lead and study the smart guns. >> we can use the power of this. mike: mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: virginia governor terry mcauliffe says blizzard 2016 almost wiped out the
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state's annual storm budget. he said much of the $202 million budget has been spent. the governor also says despite the cost of storm clean-up. the state plans to repair the growing number of potholes. mcauliffe says the cost of doing that would mean deferring the regularly scheduled minutes projects. the fame groundhog punxsutawney phil made his prediction this morning. >> there is no shadow to be cast. an early spring is my forecast! leon: he was excited about it. maureen: yeah. leon: phil didn't see his shadow. which means early spring allegedly. last year the groundhog did see his shadow. but folks don't pack up the winter clothes yet. the national oceanic atmospheric administration says phil's accurate only 45% of the time. maureen: maybe he could do political predictions on the side. doug: they're only 50%.
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leon: close to it. doug: we have rain tomorrow. thunderstorm. melting. but it looks like we will be spared severe weather. unlike what i'll show you in a minute. unlike what is happening in mississippi and alabama. capital wheel live. clouds rolling in. comfortable everything with temperatures in the 40's. 53 and 36 the high and low. 45 is the average high. that is creeping up. the average morning low 29 degrees. at this hour we are in the 40's in most spots. leesburg in 46. 44 at andrews. 44 at thenail air station. we get through the overnight hours with the clouds and the winds from the east to the southeast. we would see temperatures only drop a little bit. expanding our view south. 59 in raleigh. 71 still in knoxville. 67 in nashville. that is the warm air mass. drawn up in our area tomorrow ahead of the front. bring the rain, the showers and the thunderstorms. we think the rain showers will move in overnight. 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. this is ground system now.
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they are obscured and warning of tornado warnings across western alabama and eastern mississippi. some of the large tornadoes, we are hearing reports watching online of considerable damage. the lines will feed north. the front will be calmer coming through the area tomorrow. yes, we could have have thunderstorms. no expectation of any severe weather with the system once it reaches our area. the future cast 11:00 tomorrow morning. steady area of rain moving in the western portion of the viewing area. it will move from northwest to southeast. heavier downpours. the line will form be 3:00 in the afternoon. go in closer to the metro area. give you the timing there as well. by 5:00, line of heavy rain and thunderstorms, too. moving through the metro area. that will push south and east. the skies will clear later tonight. and we will be in for a couple of nice days. computer models range from one half to one inch of rain in our area. the biggest threat of flooding is north where they had the heavier snow along the
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maryland, pennsylvania line. the most rain off. 100% chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. breezy with the temperatures falling from 50's in the morning on thursday to 40s in the day. the next chance of rain comes our way monday and tuesday. leon, maureen and erin. leon: caps back at it now. erin: that is right. we will explain why the caps might have a more difficult schedule compared to the rest of the league. plus, it is super bowl week. hear from peyton manning coming up n
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erin: after four days off due to the all-star break capitals will get back to work at home against the panthers. caps played fewer games than the rest of the nhl, mostly because of the blizzard, which means the second half of the season won't be easy. washington will have to play an extra game each week to make up for it, which will be a big test for this team. >> we is to play an extra game a week for six weeks. what kind of toll that takes on, we'll see. >> playoff time is harder hockey. it's a long year. we have given ourselves a good chance here to make something
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happen. we need to continue the habits to get in playoffs and freight there. erin: this won't come as much of a surprise. the johnny manziel era is about to end in cleveland. there are reports he will be officially cut next month. this was likely brought on by his latest off-field incident in texas over the weekend. super bowl media day continued and we heard from peyton manning who could be playing in his final game. manning spoke about how much his family means to him. specifically his two brothers. >> three of us enjoy our time together. it doesn't happen often. cooper is in new orleans. of course, eli is in new york/new jersey and be -- me living in denver. the chance for the three of to us be together is special. i'll see eli tonight. he is getting in town, coming over from hawaii. i look forward to being with him. he and i rarely get to spend a lot of time together being on the same schedule. i feel real lucky to have two
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great brothers. especially family affair for the mannings. hoops action. georgetown at butler. tip-off at 7:00. leon: all right. sounds good. all right. maureen: bring us up to date. >> quiet tonight. tomorrow active weather day. strong cold front moves east. we have rain and some is heavy. gusty winds and temperatures in the 60's. can't rule out isolated thunderstorms. at this hour, violent storm and tornadoes across western and west central section of mississippi. through the day tomorrow. the forecast is simple. windy and warm with showers and heavy rain, localized flooding. near record high temperatures. once gusting to 20 miles per hour. steve rudin has the eyes on the storms down south to talk about our heavy rain and chances of the localized flooding as well. maureen: "world news tonight" tonight with david muir coming up. the aftermath of the iowa caucuses will be a big subject. caucuses will be a big subject. senator t
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tonight, the new three-way fight. the candidates already on the ground in new hampshire, and so are we. ted cruz, donald trump and marco rubio in a heated battle now after iowa. and trump's new message tonight. and hillary clinton declared the winner, but just barely. we're live in new hampshire. also breaking, the major storm tonight. blizzard warnings, reports of tornadoes. a large and dangerous tornado just moments ago. 340 miles of interstate shut down. alerts from new mexico to michigan. and that system, moving east tonight. new developments in the case of a 13-year-old girl kidnapped and killed. two college students charged. police now revealing how she died. the new warning tonight about zika, and the troubling development about a case in dallas. and the mid-air explosion. the


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